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Computers are crap and people are stupid.

Der Geis
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This is the Help Desk; a career that relies upon the facts that computers are crap and people are stupid. The stories you are about to read are true. Some names have been changed to protect my employment but others have not so as to implicate the guilty.

Other descriptions: Anarcho-collectivist. Politically non-euclidean. Pretending to be a pseudo-intellectual. Atheist. Anti-theist. Antireestablishmentarianist. Otaku.

Affiliations: Klingon Assault Group. World Atlatl Association. National Rifle Association. Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association. Single Action Shootist Society. American Civil Liberties Union. Keystone Trails Association. Bike Pittsburgh. Rails to Trails Conservancy. Allegheny Trail Alliance. Montour Trail Council. Mon-Yough Trail Council. Westmoreland Heritage Trail. Friends of the Riverfront. Steel Valley Trail Council. Friends of Ohiopyle. Friends of Blackwater Canyon. Adventure Cycling Association. League of American Bicyclists. Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy. Turtle Creek Watershed Association. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. C&O Canal Association. Sierra Club. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.