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The ID10T Files
Computers are crap and people are stupid.
5th-Sep-2013 09:11 pm

I've been thinking of doing another costume (as if I don't already have enough). Something to make my garb a little more steampunk since by typical clothing is generally period wear with added goggles. I am planning on building a new shoulder holster so that I can carry my Dr. Grordbort's Saboteur 66 and I'm carrying a katana with my western wear but I've been thinking of something more. When I was first considering steampunk costuming, I considered an armored arm but there are so many people with such things that I didn't want to be just another copy and, besides, my backstory doesn't quite fit with that.

Then I remembered Ned Kelly.

The short story is that Ned Kelly was an Austrailian outlaw who, in his final shootout with authorities in 1880, wore armor beaten out of plowshares. The armor is very basic but has steampunk stylistic parallels in the armor worn by the flamethrower guys in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

I have done some armor things before when, years ago, I made an Idea Man helmet. That was cardboard and plaster and this armor would be just as easy. Even easier, perhaps, because all the bends are straight. Multiple layers of paint and then dry brushing to make it look like iron. That will probably be the hardest part of the project, making it look like something other than painted cardboard.

Don't know if I'll have the opportunity to complete it by TeslaCon. I have leather-working to accomplish this week and next.

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