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15th-Aug-2016 07:48 pm
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I think it was back in March when the drive encryption software failed yet again and I was put on the Tier 1 line to address the again overwhelming number of calls. In April, the new contract was signed and we became sub-contractors. But part of that new contract was that the Tier 1 needed to trim their wait times down to 30 seconds.

Now, my previous 15 years of Help Desk experience had tought me that there is really one way to accomplish that: Warm bodies. You can't work harder. You can't work smarter. You can't tweak the numbers or conjure time out of free air. No, you need more people answering the phones.

And I was one of those people. So as the call volume for drive encryption software dwindled to almost nothing, I was given over to the general queue. It wasn't that bad a thing as I was being paid a Tier 2 salary for my Tier 1 effort. I was told (as I had while working for The Bank) that if I didn't have an answer in 7 to 10 minutes I was supposed to open a ticket. What? And assign it to myself at Tier 2? I ignored that as I had in my previous job and went about fixing problems of whatever tier.

Apparently, the new people hired have gotten their security clearances, certifications, and what not as today I return to my Tier 2 duties. . . just in time for the next systemic failure.

For security reasons, before a machine is allowed on the network it is tested. If it fails that test it is put into quarantine. Tier 1`has a tool that they can lift that quarantine and allow it on the network temporarily. (That is typically done without any attention being paid as to why it was quarantined in the first place, which sort of ignores the security in the first place but, hey, that's not my pay grade.)

But that tool has failed, somewhat. There are machines that don't appear even though they have been quarantined. Because they don't appear, they cannot be taken out of quarantine. Some machines that are quarantined do appear in the system but no attempt to release the quarantine works. Sometimes the tool says that the machine is quarantined but a ping of the computer shows it has an IP address within the production network. No quarantined.

It's a hot mess and Tier 1, instead of telling people that the system is broken and we won't be able to help them, are opening tickets so that the next day the ticket will find its way into my bin so that I then get to call the user and tell them that we won't be able to help them.

I am expected to clear about 32 tickets a week. I had that many dumped into my bin just today.

Why, again, did I want to go back to working Tier 2?
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