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The ID10T Files
Computers are crap and people are stupid.
Death of the Long Form 
6th-Aug-2016 09:02 pm
round glasses
When I started this blog, it was with a number of purposes in mind. Firstly, and as indicated in the title, it was a place for me to vent about the stupid I found in working Help Desk. It was also for the stupid I found in religion, politics and life in general. It was also an opportunity for me to write about the good things in my life; science fiction, steampunk, and so on.

Most importantly, though, it was to write. An intellectual exercise in consolidating thoughts and ideas and forming them into coherent sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Practicing the art of wordcraft to make me a better writer and a better thinker.

Facebook pretty much murdered that.

Facebook is insidious in that it promotes small talk. Sure, there are the occasional intellectual discussions but most of those devolve into arguing about how to argue. The rest is political ranting, a quick picture about how I fixed the tiles in my bathroom, and stupid cat videos.

My life of the past two years or so has conspired to change my interaction with the world so, of course, Facebook isn't solely to blame. It simply made it easier to become more social with people (in and of itself not a bad thing) while at the same time saying much less of substance than I used to.

Writing once was easy. Not easy in its execution, wordcraft itself can be quite difficult, but easy in that I could just sit down and write something. Now I will need to actually carve time out of my day specifically for writing. To train myself out of “wasting” my time on Facebook.

This posting is the beginning of that process. And less Kerbal Space Program. Yea, that game is taking up a metric crap ton of my time as well. I should write more, perhaps, about Kerbal Space Program and actually play less.

A future blog post.

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