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1st-Mar-2016 07:06 pm
round glasses
I started my current job exactly one year ago. That was six months after I received the offer letter and there was another six months after that waiting on security clearances, certifications and other administrative delays. Then, there was three months of what was generously described as a training period where I was essentially thrown to the wolves and expected to figure things out for myself. Just as I was getting my legs under me, a bad update wrecked the drive encryption software system wide and I was taken off of my tier 2 job to help those calls. Three months of that, and with a fix now in place, I am now doing the job I was actually hired to do.

Sort of.

It seems that the seasonal drop off in call volume has begin and I received only two new issues in my ticket bin. One was a printer driver issue that I was able to address quickly. The second had two incorrect phone numbers and my attempt to contact the user via email bounced.

The rest was mind-numbing boredom and composition of blog posts.
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