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The ID10T Files
Computers are crap and people are stupid.
Same old song 
2nd-Feb-2016 08:14 pm
Today we received word that we lost the government contract. I have been employed here for eleven months and, in short order, I may be working for another company.

Or not.

There were, of course, plenty of assurances that my job is not actually at risk. “They need us.” “We will be rolled over to the new company.” There is even some past precedent that some long term employees at the help desk have been swapped into other companies multiple times over their careers but, honestly, I've heard this song before and it didn't turn out as promised.

The Corporation is apparently negotiating with the Winning Corporation as to how that will all be managed. The Corporation is still hoping that they will be able to keep some sort of hand in it by being a sub-contractor to the primary contractor, but we don't know.

Guess I should be dusting off my resume.

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