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The ID10T Files
Computers are crap and people are stupid.
Sad Blanket 
26th-Dec-2008 08:05 pm
round glasses
For several weeks now there has been a blanket lying beside the Eliza Furnace Trail next to the parkway abutment near the jail. I didn't think anything of it because there's always something getting blown off of trucks or chucked out a window by drivers on the highway. But, sometime over the days that I was off, someone had been curious enough about the blanket to pick it up and lean it's frozen form against the concrete. Thus, on my ride in, I recognized it for what it was.

Sad girl in snow.

You may not be able to identify it but I know it to be a blanket featuring art from the webcomic Megatokyo.

After work, the temperature had risen to a rainy 50 degrees and the blanked had lost its frozen rigidity which made it easier for me to fold up and throw over the back of my bike. It's in the laundry right now but when it's clean it will look like this:

It's not that we need a blanket but, hey, it's a free $40 blanket with Nanasawa Kimiko on it.

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